Soooo close....

Tell us what features you'll want
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Soooo close....

Post by UrbanBadger » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:25 am


I have to say that I'm impressed and I'm only an hour or so into the trial version. I've used many tools yet I first started with ER/Win ALFTA. It may be that one is always biased towards their first tool yet I really do not believe I've found many that are able to compete with it for pure data modeling and forward/reverse engineering. Once you learned the template language (who knew those would become so popular) it was extremely powerful. Unfortunately, for reasons I'll never know, they were bought by CA: Where products go to die. CA raised the price on an already expensive product and I moved on to other solutions that had a value proposition that my employers at the time would accept.

That being said, ER/Win always did fall short of anything not having to do with modeling and forward/reverse engineering. The test data facilities were horrible, not to mention that if you wanted to do anything that wasn't quite up to old E.F.'s expectations it choked.

DBSchema does everything I've thrown at it so far fairly well. EXCEPT: No logical or conceptual modeling? I mean, I cannot model many-to-many at all? Its sooooooo close to perfection. I mean, maybe I'll run into problems once I start hitting other databases or I start playing with all the I mean NoSQL databases out there. But even then, I'd be fine with figuring out workarounds because that is *just life* when dealing with the physical level. There are *always* workarounds. Its not like vendors include Modeling Software companies on their inside track.

Yet, I need to be able to roundtrip Conceptual/Logical/Physical models because my biggest problem isn't databases, its the people to whom I must explain them. To convince that millennial-Y middle-manager that just because he had a class in college does not mean he knows more than the old bastard admin from hell who is telling him that ain't the way to do it. Makes me long for the days when cell phones didn't exist and you could just laugh as the help desk phone rang and rang and rang. Or you could jangle your keys against the switch and dump hours of work into the 'ether' like magic. Now they all have their own computers and internet. Never have they even seen a 56K modem much less a Novatel 300 baud modem with acoustic coupler. Anyways,... I digress

If I can get, within the next 6 months, Conceptual/Logical/Physical round-trip engineering along with templating (haven't got that far yet so I apologize if I don't know enough about the latter in the shipping product), I'll be happier than an old pig wallowing freshly deposited elephant sh*t. I might even explain to that idiot what it means when I always hold up my keys and jangle them at him. Snot nosed little pr*ck.

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Re: Soooo close....

Post by support » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:18 am

We won't be able to implement logical concepts soon. Our target for now is to move to JavaFx for a better interface, and start with Business Intelligence ( charts and perspective over data ).

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Re: Soooo close....

Post by jeannecarlson » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:33 am

You are absolutely right about the classes in college! Practice is much more valuable in modern world and I guess admin almost always knows more.
By the way, ability to model many-to-many relationships is rather crucial...

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Re: Soooo close....

Post by ellascottgm123 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:53 am

I also encounter the same problem. thanks for your answer. It solved very quickly the problem I was having. Thank you!

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