DbSchema: Frontbase Diagram Designer Tool

  • DbSchema is a Frontbase diagram-oriented designer with integrated tools for data and queries. DbSchema is build for large diagrams and schemes. No Frontbase experience required - the tool is visual.
  • For deployment of the schema on multiple databases, management of multiple versions of the schema plus migration scripts, team share of the design project. This are possible as DbSchema is using its own image of the schema and saves it to XML file.
  • Frontbase connectivity is described on JDBC driver page.

DbSchema Database Tool

Best Frontbase Diagrams

Frontbase Diagram Designer DbSchema has the market best Frontbase interactive diagrams. The designer can display diagrams with more then 1000+ tables. The layouts (diagrams) will can be saved to project file and reopen next time. The project file can be shared in a team.

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Frontbase Data Explorer | Relational Data Browse

Frontbase Data Explorer Relational Data Browse is a visual alternative to SQL language. Using it you can explore data from multiple tables simultaneously. Tables should be bind by foreign keys or virtual foreign keys which can be created in the layout. The browse editor will be saved to project file and reopen next time as it is.

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Deploy Schema on Multiple Databases

Convert Schema to Frontbase DbSchema manages its own image of the schema and saves it to XML project file. This makes possible to design schema in a team and it on multiple databases. The project file can be shared in a team using versioning systems ( GIT, SVN, etc.).

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Database Forms and Reports | Database Manager

Frontbase Forms and Reports DbSchema Frontbase forms and reports can be used to build applications or reports and run them as JavaFx or Web applications. Based on the forms designer we started building Frontbase applications for space, permission and activity management.

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Frontbase Visual Query Builder and Query Editor

Frontbase visual query builder and query editor DbSchema include visual tools for building and editing queries. Multiple JOIN clauses can be used, including LEFT OUTER JOIN, EXISTS, etc. or group by clauses. The Query editor features text-autocompletion.

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DbSchema can be evaluated 15 days for free.

DbSchema can run on all operating systems: Windows, Linux, MAC.

DbSchema Database Tool
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