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Wise Coders Solutions

WISE CODERS GmbH is an privately held german company.

We start developing DbSchema as a requirement for a database designer for large databases with more then 10.000+ tables. The data complexity for the customers we were interacting with was highly demanding. Later DbSchema became a successful project used by many developers and administrators looking for a more powerful and intuitive database tool. Offering different services we had the chance to interact with different technologies and get the best feeling about the user expectations. Our skills are in Java programming, database design and performance, high amount of data and complex SQL queries, Groovy, HTML, JSP, etc.

"Excellent product + fast support = satisfied customers"

That sums up what Wise Coders Solutions is committed to.

Financial Details

Register of companies
Handelsregister HRB 246312
Amtsgericht Muenchen / Germany
VAT ID DE322270935



Our preferred contact is using technical support page. This can be accessed directly from the application help menu "Report a Bug".

Sales Phone Contacts

Our sales office is reachable 24 from 24 hours a day.

International: +31 88 000 0008
USA and Canada: (650) 963 - 5701


Gelbenholzenerstr 28
82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck