DbSchema DbSchema is our main product, one of the top market products for database management and design.

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Five Reasons for DbSchema

  • DbSchema covers most of the market databases, from SQL to NoSQL and cloud databases.
  • The tool is intuitive, build for beginners as well as experts. No database experience is required.
  • Integrated tools for queries and data: SQL Editor, Query Builder, Relational Data Browse, Layouts, etc.
  • Project oriented. You are not tight to a particular database.
  • Generates interactive documentation in PDF and HTML format.
  • Implements the latest JDBC standard database connectivity

DbSchema History

DbSchema started as an open source project and later moved to a commercial product. Since early 2019 our team relocated to Germany. The target was to bing in the market the best software for databases.

The first positive feedback and support came from Rui Martins / Portugal, a friendly consultant for a large telephony company. He knew we can build a product which is strongly different from the other products in the market, capable to manage large databases and do the best job in his area.

We Care What Customers Says

We consider any feedback we get, from registered to trial customers. Our development is mostly oriented to the customer requests, so writing us is one of the best ideas.

Since different peoples with different backgrounds, like developers, database administrators, system architects, etc. are using DbSchema, we try to model the tool so we can fit everybody needs. On the other hand we model our plans based on your ideas, so writing us will help to understand your needs and expectations.

Send us feedback

There are few ways of contacting us:
  • Report a bug feature directly in DbSchema
  • Contact form directly on DbSchema website
  • Write us on DbSchema email
The sales office can be contacted 24 hours a day. For technical support please use one of the above contacts. We will try to come as soon as possible back to you, but delays caused on wait queue are not excluded.