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DbSchema ER Diagram Designer & Data Tools

DbSchema is a database designer for relational databases and Mongo DB. DbSchema is for novice and advanced users as it use interactive ER diagrams, relational data browse - a great solution for exploring data without SQL, visual query builder, schema management, database reports, data loader, etc. Download and try it 15 days for free !

Interactive Diagrams

Manage schema direct in diagrammed layouts. Create multiple layouts. Layouts are saved to XML project file Read more...

Relational Data Browse

An amazingly simple data explorer that offers simultaneous views of data from multiple tables and features numerous filters, data sorting mechanisms, and much more. Read more...

Schema Reverse Engineer

Connect to any relational database using JDBC drivers and get the schema structure. Schema can be saved to project file. Read more...

Responsive Reports

Build responsive reports for Web, Swing or PDF. Flexible Bootstrap templates and Groovy scripting logic. Unlimited master-detail cascading. Read more...

Visual Query Builder

Graphically SQL query editor, with different joins, exists, where clauses and group by. The query is represented as a diagram, simple and intuitive to use. Read more...

SQL Editor

Sql editor with syntax highlighting and code completion can execute simple queries, SQL scripts and Groovy scripts. The output can be displayed on screen or spooled directly to a file. Graphical explain plan feature included. Read more...

Schema Synchronization

DbSchema holds its own image of the schema. This can be synchronized against any database, modification scripts can be generated. Read more...

Random Data Generator

Generate random data for test purposes.

Data Loader

Load data into the database from Excell, text, XML or comma separated files. Read more...

Mongo DB Designer

DbSchema does diagrams, relational data browse, query builder and more for MongoDB.

Virtual Foreign Keys

Use virtual foreign keys to explore data from related tables, easy create queries in query builder or design the schema.

HTML5 Documentation

Document your schema and produce interactive HTML5 documentation, as well as printed or PDF documentation.

Reports for mobile devices

Build database responsive reports which can show correctly on tablets, mobile devices, etc.

All Operating Systems, All Databases

DbSchema can run on all operating systems: Windows, Linux, MAC.

DbSchema can connect via JDBC drivers to all relational databases.

DbSchema Database Tool

Download DbSchema and surprise yourself

Free Trial

DbSchema can be downloaded and tested 15 days for free. After this time a license is required.

DbSchema has its own way of managing databases, different from the other tools. Give it a try !

Download & Try Purchase Now

DbSchema is intuitive and easy to use by less experienced users.

The diagrammed layouts will help you to design the schema just using the mouse.

Using the Visual Query Builder you can query the database using complex queries, with joins, group by, order by, etc.

The Relational Data Browse is the tool for exploring and editing the database data.

After installing the application you will be able to connect to the database just in few steps. Required is to choose the database you are connecting to, the host where the database resides and the database user and password.

DbSchema already include JDBC drivers for most of the database. You can upload your custom driver as well.

All users, including the trial users benefit of free technical support. Please contact us in case of connectivity problems with your database.

Please write us about any problem, bugs or features. We are looking forward to improve our software.


Install DbSchema and discover great features. You will love it !


  • Thanks for your good and unique software. Wish you luck.

    Reza S.R
  • We love the Query Builder, DbSchema it is a fantastic tool.

    Matthew Lester, 3dviz Austria
  • We run a small research team at the University of Dundee and we do software support and development for scientic labs. We think your tool is the best for our needs.

    Vackar Afzal
  • I bought it today and its working nicely on both machines, very pleased. I tried many database design tools in the last two weeks and yours is by far the best to learn and work with, in my opinion.

    Mark Mitchell
  • Great, it works like a charm.

    Muhanned Maayeh, Globitel
  • First, can I please say thank you for this awesome software. I made a purchase today, after a brief evaluation. For me, it has already paid for itself during my days work. The project team I am reporting to really like the html5 documentation I can send them. I'm looking forward to learning the tool inside and out. Thank you again for this brilliant software. I am recommending it to all my colleagues.

    Ben Burke, Sydney, Australia.
  • I have used and purchased various database utilities that are capable of connecting to any jdbc compliant database and I must say that DbSchema is a fantastic application. I am extremely impressed with its capabilities and its performance; it’s truly a gem that I’m thankful to have discovered. I wish to offer my most sincere thanks to everyone that’s involved in supporting it.

    Ken Sturgeon
  • I've purchased your software and so far I like it a lot. I have used the free version to reverse engineer a large production DB in MS SQL Server 2005. The database is divided into numerous schemas and DbSchema successfully identifies this.

    Bill Huang, FAIRPAY Solutions, Inc.
  • DbSchema made our life easier!

    Tim Kornau, Google Switzerland
  • Thank you for DBSchema improvements based on my feedback. You are truly customer oriented!

    Dennis Beloff, Boutique Russia
  • I've had some time to play with and get acquainted with DbSchema. I am impressed. It never crashed once, it's very intuitive, and the compare/sync wizard is all I expected. I especially like the relationship option to map to its target columns - you'd be surprised at the tools which don't offer this. I could list numerous positive comments on things I liked - the engineering is quite good and it shows.

    Bert Scalzo
  • I really like this program. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it has really come in handy. Thanks!

    John Whitten
  • Great software! Thank you for the very fast feedback.

    Daniel Wimpff
  • Thanks very much for your help - the software's visual approach seems very helpful!

    Lee Noel
  • BTW nice tool. I love it.

    Jie Liang
  • It works perfect! Thank you very much and have a nice day!

    Ariovaldo Chrysostomo, Database Developer Ricoh Europe
  • Excellent Tool. Thank you very much

    Jim Kardys, Direct Services
  • Dbschema works well. Thanks you

  • You can't compared DbSchema to other tools especially at this price point .

    Scott Gross, Datameaning
  • I've just bought a copy of your most awesome software.

    Stephen Rudd, Mnemosyne
  • I'll get my order in as soon as possible. Thanks DbSchema!

  • DbSchema it is suitable for our needs. Thanks

    Fernando Pina Caballero
  • Thanks for your support, I'll order it today.

    Childers, Dwayne E, Cobleskill
  • Thank you for your prompt reply and software.

    William Moore, Mpfs
  • Many compliments! It is one of the best software I've ever seen

    Gianluca Fioletti