How to Connect to Ingres

Read first the Connection dialog page to understand the dialog fields( host, port, user, etc. ), SSH tunnel, etc..

Start Ingres visual dba from c:\Program Files\Actian\IngresII\ingres\bin\vdba.exe Find out the Ingres instance and database from the Ingres Visual DBA. Here you can see the users and databases. If you have installed the server on Windows, the users and passwords are typically the Windows users.

You can also connect using Ingres users. Right-click the user and choose Alter user. In the next dialog choose 'Show Advanced' and 'Security'.

Connect from DbSchema to Ingres. The instance is configured during installation ( typical II ).

In DbSchema connection dialog you may use the Advanced tab to set further connection parameters, including the timezone specification, date format, money format. Sample: ;TZ=EUROPE-CENTRAL;DATE_FMT=GERMAN;DECIMAL=.;MNY_FMT=L:$

Tip Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.

Short Tutorial on Installing Ingres

Download Ingres Database from:

Start the installation, accept the license agreement...Choose your configuration type:

Installation Mode (Express / Advanced):

Component Selection:

Start the installation: